A Message From Dr. KempfAs a leader at West Charleston Animal Hospital, Dr. Kempf believes in communicating with pet owners in order to provide the best care possible for their pets. These are some of the issues that Dr. Kempf identified as important for our community’s pet population.

“First of all, I just want to express our gratitude for everyone that has been part of the West Charleston family over the years,” Dr. Kempf said. “We feel blessed to work with such great people and animals, and we thank you for allowing us to do that.”

Dr. Kempf noted dental care as one of the most important issues facing pet owners.

“Proper dental care for pets is about more than just bad breath, the bacteria that accumulates in the oral cavity can lead to health problems in the heart, kidney, and liver. It’s important to make sure your pet’s teeth and gums are healthy, and to schedule professional cleanings to clean the parts of the oral cavity you can’t see.”

If you are interested in learning more about pet dental care or getting a cleaning scheduled for your pet, please call us today at (702) 362-7387.

In addition to dental care, Dr. Kempf highlighted spaying and neutering as a topic that pet owners should be educated on.

A Message From Dr. Kempf“Most people don’t realize that spaying and neutering is actually good for the entire pet population, not just their own pets. It reduces the number of homeless pets on the street, many of which are euthanized because there are not enough homes to care for them.”

Dr. Kempf also pointed out that there are many health benefits to spaying and neutering.

“There are a lot of behavioral benefits as well, including reduced aggression, roaming, spraying, and other unwanted behaviors. Not to mention, spaying and neutering decreases the risk of certain cancers and extends a pet’s lifespan.”

Living in Las Vegas poses a unique problem for our pets: the intense heat. Dr. Kempf offered some advice on how to keep your pet safe as the temperature rises.

“We’ve developed a lot of different ways to beat the heat, but our pets can’t cool down as easily as we can. They rely on us to help them regulate their temperature, so it’s important to always give them access to fresh water and a place to cool down and rest. And of course, never leave a dog in a hot car.”

Working with animals requires patience, understanding, and above all compassion; both for the animal and for their owners. For this reason all the staff at West Charleston Animal Hospital have a common bond: a daily goal to give our clients and their pets the most up-to-date and best possible medical care. Each one of our staff is committed to this goal, making West Charleston Animal Hospital a wonderful environment to work in. We hope you will feel this commitment from us when you visit, and come to trust us with all of your pet care needs.