Dr. John Kempf
Dr. Kempf grew up on a farm in Indiana. He attended veterinary school at Purdue University. After graduating in 2000, Dr. Kempf moved to Las Vegas and in 2003, he started West Charleston Animal Hospital.

He has 3 daughters, (Jenna, Jaiden, and Jordyn), 4 dogs (Jazzy, Jodi, July and Charlie), 2 snakes and a bearded dragon. Dr.Kempf’s professional interests include Dentistry, Surgery and Reproductive medicine.

When he has free time, he likes to work out, play basketball, and spend time with his family.

Dr. Gregory Jones
Dr. Jones is a Texas native, growing up in San Antonio. He attended Tuskegee University of Veterinary Medicine before moving to Las Vegas to practice. Dr. Jones lives with his wife and an adorable Chihuahua named Sparklet. When he is not in the office, Dr. Jones enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his family.

Dr. Justin Sancho
Dr. Sancho is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He studied marine and environmental biology during his undergrad years. Dr. Sancho graduated from Louisiana State University of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Sancho enjoys marine life which includes caring for his home aquarium, Scuba diving, fishing, and boating. He also enjoys cooking and nature.

Dr. Allison Seagle
Dr. Seagle is from Charleston, South Carolina. Aftergraduating from Clemson Unicersity, she attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She has a 10 year old Blue Heeler named Beckett and a 5 year old tabby cat named Charlie. Her professional interestes include Feline Medicine and Surgery. She likes spending time in , on, or near the ocean.

Dr. Jessica Drakeford

Dr. Drakeford is originally from Seoul, Korea. Her family was stationed in Korea during her younger days. Dr. Drakeford attended Mississippi State University for her undergrad. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University.

Her professional interests include surgery, dermatology and internal medicine.

Dr. Drakeford has one older sister named Dorsena and three year old whippet named Sadie.

In her spare time, Dr. Drakeford enjoys bowling, movies, traveling and going to the beach.