Dr. Jon Kempf

Dr. Kempf grew up on a farm in Indiana. He attended veterinary school at Purdue University. After graduating in 2000, Dr. Kempf moved to Las Vegas and in 2003, he started West Charleston Animal Hospital.

He has 3 daughters, (Jenna, Jaiden, and Jordyn), 4 dogs (Jazzy, Jodi, July and Charlie), 2 snakes and a bearded dragon. Dr.Kempf’s professional interests include Dentistry, Surgery and Reproductive medicine.

When he has free time, he likes to work out, play basketball, and spend time with his family.

Dr. Gregory Jones

Dr. Jones is a Texas native, growing up in San Antonio. He attended Tuskegee University of Veterinary Medicine before moving to Las Vegas to practice. Dr. Jones lives with his wife and an adorable Chihuahua named Sparklet. When he is not in the office, Dr. Jones enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his family.

Dr. Brian Rokos

Dr. Brian Rokos is from Naperville, Illinois (southwest suburb of Chicago, IL). He attended the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana (graduated 2010). Dr. Rokos completed his doctorate from St. Georges University (Grenada, West Indies), and completed his clinical rounds from University of Tennessee.

Dr. Rokos was a veterinary technician since he 18 years old. He worked 4.5 years in GP, another 4 years in Specialty (Emergency/ICU and surgery). Passion for orthopedics & soft tissue surgery, Neuro, Nutrition and Rehabilitation. He has a furbaby Pitbull (Nala), Chihuahua (Draymond), Cat (Buster), and one Ball python. All of his family resides in Illinois. Dr. Rokos has one younger brother who is a Chef. In his down time, he enjoys ice hockey (played since I was 4 years old), cars, motorcycles, working out, anything outdoors including fishing, sports shooting, hiking, etc..